Why Claim or Create Your Listing on the Independent Pharmacy Directory

Welcome to the Independent Pharmacy Directory we appreciate you visiting.

If you are an independent pharmacy owner you are very lucky to be here right now. We have created an incredible resource to help improve the visibility of your pharmacy on the internet.

In today’s environment, technology plays an ever increasing role in everyday life and this is especially true with small business. If you do not have an online presence a significant number of your potential customers will never find you.

Some of you may already have a website, and you might think this is all you need. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you search for any local business you will find a large number of listings.

Here is the listing results when you search for Brian’s Pharmacy in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

You can see Brian is very lucky because his pharmacy website is the first listing out of over 17 million results for this search. Most website owners are not so lucky.

Look a little further down the listing and you can see his pharmacy is listed on several other websites. And on the right hand side is the Google local listing for his pharmacy.

Why does all this matter?

A first place listing for a website is not guaranteed, no matter how skilled your website designer happens to be because search results are controlled by the search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

If your website is not first, then some other listing is the first thing people see. Most of these other listings have just the most basic of information listed on them. And worse, if the listing is not accurate, then good luck trying to get your listing fixed at one of these other places.

This is where the Independent Pharmacy Directory comes in. We have created the ability for you as the pharmacy owner to create your own listing. We also allow you to add extra information about your business. This can include the services you offer such as compounding, immunizations, delivery.

You can add information about products you carry such as diabetic supplies, durable medical equipment, specialty items. You can tell about the history of your business, add your mission statement, your affiliations and more. You are limited only by your imagination. We also have the ability for you to add pictures of your business exterior, interior, staff, delivery vehicles.

The important point here is you choose what you want to put on there.

And if you already have a website, we allow you to place a link from our website to yours. This last feature is extremely important because every link you create from a high quality relevant site like the independent pharmacy directory helps improve the rankings of your own website.

If you are skeptical about the importance of having and controlling your online presence let me assure you I have seen the tracking statistics and people are definitely searching for independent pharmacies online. Make sure you are found and make sure you control what people will see when they find you by claiming your listing now. Go to the home page and search for your pharmacy. Then select claim listing which is located at the bottom of the listing just below the phone numbers.

If you don’t find your listing here, don’t worry, we just haven’t gotten to you yet. Just go ahead and feel free to get the listing started today.

You can create a new listing here.


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