What to Expect from the Pharmacies in the Independent Pharmacy Directory


The Independent Pharmacy Directory has over 16,000 pharmacies listed. Who would’ve guessed that this many locally owned and independent pharmacies still exist!

Fortunately they do, and they are set in traditionalism while carrying modern medicine as well as old fashioned remedies.

Here’s what else you can find at the pharmacies listed in the Independent Pharmacy Directory:

Fast and Friendly Service

Independent pharmacies believe in being loyal to those who keep their businesses alive. Being that it’s the customers who do this, they return this loyalty by providing customers with the “Mayberry experience”: friendliness with attention to detail.

In other words, local pharmacies are not only friendly, but they’re also dedicated to providing the best customer service – something big chain retailers don’t do.

Furthermore, no matter what region you reside in, you won’t encounter an independently owned pharmacy with a “big store attitude” i.e. we care about your business and not you.”

You’re more than just a paying customer to the staff at local pharmacies. Instead you’re a potential friend. Expect to engage in a friendly conversation with each visit while pharmacists work to address all your medicinal concerns and needs.


In addition, the pharmacy staff will work hard to fill your prescription orders fast. For regardless of their friendliness, they understand you don’t have time to stay and chat all day!

So, when you visit any of the locally, independent pharmacies listed in our directory, get ready to be serviced with pleasant conversation and a sunshine smile.

Services Offered

Despite their big names and big promises to help you “live better”, big chain retailers are limited in their pharmaceutical services. This is another area that locally owned pharmacies differ in.

Here are some of the services pharmacies proudly offer to their communities:

  • Home IV
  • $4.00 generic program
  • Online refills
  • Specialty Compounded Medications
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Natural health products
  • Old fashioned over-the-counter remedies
  • Drive thru windows (call your local pharmacy for details)
  • Delivery service (call your local pharmacy for details)

And best of all, local pharmacies’ trained staff is available to help you with any questions you have regarding these services.


The locally independent pharmacies listed in the Independent Pharmacy Directory are dedicated to helping their community be healthy and save money.

While big chain pharmacy retailers come and go from communities, locally, independently owned pharmacies aren’t going anywhere. Thanks to dedicated customers, they’re staying in their beloved communities.

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