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The independent pharmacy directory was created to help consumers locate independent pharmacies across the country. As a result, everyday, more people are visiting local independents. We are committed to the growth and success of your independent pharmacy and we want to do even more to help you.


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Claim Your Current Listing or Add Your Pharmacy to The Directory

The independent pharmacy directory remains the number one place online for consumers to find independent pharmacies nationwide. We receive hundreds of unique visitors every day. Your listing in this directory helps to improve your pharmacy’s visibility online. And unlike other directories, you can control the information displayed on this site. To get started you need to click here to reate a free account and claim your listing.

Pharmacy Website Guide

Every business owner already knows that a well designed website is essential to helping new and existing customers learn about the goods and services you have to offer. But, putting together a well crafted site can be a little overwhelming for the overworked pharmacy owner. PharmerDon, Inc has put together a free Pharmacy Website Guide to help you navigate your way through hiring a website designer and putting together a website that works for your pharmacy. Get the free Pharmacy Website Guide here.

VideoIze Your Website with

The most compelling media online is video. Websites that contain video offerings keep people engaged and they stick around longer. When you add video from MDTV you supply production quality video on a variety of health subjects. Now your website your current and future customers perceive your website as a valuable resource and come back for more. VideoIze your website now; it’s free content that you need. Ask PharmerDon about customizing the size and shape to meet your needs. Get more information here.


Enhanced Offerings

PharmerDon, Inc Website Design

Are you ready to create your first website for your pharmacy? Is your current website outdated or poorly designed? Get a completely new website that will not only engage your customers but increase traffic through the store. Learn More at

Add drug coupons directly to your website.

Consumers across the country love to save money. How can you attract new customers to your website on a regular basis? Let them know there are hundreds of money saving coupons on your website for both prescription and over the counter medications. Even better, is when a consumer finds a manufacturer coupon on your website they will associate that coupon with your business and are more likely to come in to your pharmacy to your pharmacy to redeem it. Get drug coupons added to your website today.

RxMediAize Your Pharmacy

Learn the secrets that the big chains don’t  want you to know! RxMediAze is a new and novel concept, which allows you to own your own medical TV network in your area. RxMediAze generates a new stream of income, while you become the health information hub in your community. How? Relationships between you and your patients and you and local doctor’s are enhanced. There’s not an independent pharmacy around who cannot afford  to inquire about the details of this turn key opportunity.  This program, RxMediAze, could make it possible for you to never have to advertise again. Get in now. Call Don 864-270-8336


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