Local Independent Pharmacies Understand Customer Satisfaction


We live busy lives these days with little time to spare. So, when it comes to taking care of business such as picking up our prescription medications, we don’t have time to wait. And despite our rush, we want decent customer service.

The Two Key Factors in Customer Satisfaction

There are two factors that can establish customer satisfaction: waiting times and customer service. These important factors can make or break a business by either establishing repeat customers or making them go elsewhere.

Fortunately, a local independent pharmacy understands both factors and thrives at providing them.

Here’s how:

Waiting times: The pharmacy staff at local independent pharmacies makes it a top priority to fill prescriptions as soon as they receive them. This, in turn, shortens wait times. So, by the time you arrive at the pharmacy, your medication is already filled and ready for pick-up. Wait times for prescriptions dropped off at the pharmacy averaged 20 minutes for independents versus 45 minutes or more for all other pharmacies according to pharmacy satisfaction data compiled by Boehringer Ingelheim.

Customer Service: There are times when a customer needs to speak to their pharmacist regarding their medication. After all, it could be a new medication that they’re unfamiliar with. Pharmacists at local independent pharmacies have the time to talk customers, and will make sure they’ve answered all their questions. Boehringer Ingelheim reports customer satisfaction at independent pharmacies tops all major chains.

The Clueless Big Chain Stores

Big chain retailers such as Wal-mart, Target, Kroger, Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, etc. fail to provide these two essential factors.

Staffing at all the chains is determined by a formula created by people who work at corporate headquarters. This formula just barely allows time for the staff to fill prescriptions and complete essential functions. As a result, any minor event that takes longer than expected puts the staff behind in filling prescriptions. If you need to actually talk to the pharmacist at the big chain retailers you can expect another long wait and the time taken by the pharmacist puts the entire dispensing process even further behind.

And if for some reason they run out of medication, the chains often order from a central warehouse requiring up to a week  to fill an out of stock prescription. Turn around of an out of stock medication at an independent pharmacy is usually next day.

All of this leads to poor customer service. Since customers have limited time these days, they take their business elsewhere for the sake of getting better and faster service.

And they always find that customer satisfaction at their local independent pharmacy.


So, for customers who want satisfaction along with their filled prescriptions, the local independent pharmacy is your best choice.


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