How your independent pharmacy can work alongside lab testing to help you gain control of your health care …


An independent pharmacy is a pharmacy that is not part of a chain of pharmacies. You will find that your local independent pharmacy is owned by the pharmacist. The benefits of such a business is the attention to detail that can be provided and the level of customer care that can be given. Let’s be honest we all like that little bit of extra attention especially when it comes to our health care.

The world is changing… We are in a technical era whereby the majority of us have a smartphone or the latest health tech gadgets. Every year there are many new gadgets and gizmos released, all to help you take control of your health care.

Here is something that you might not know. There is now a service that has been slowly growing in the United States that allows an individual to go directly to a website to buy lab tests that are FDA approved without having to go through their doctor to order them. It is true! You can now go to a website, find a lab test that you are interested in purchasing, place your order, and you will be provided a doctor’s order, saving you time by not having to go to the Doctor’s office to request the lab. You can take your lab order to one of 4,000 Patient Service Centers provided by Laboratory Corporations of America (LabCorp) or Quest Diagnostics (Quest) where a phlebotomist will draw your blood.

The lab will test the sample and results will be received in as little as 24-48 hours, electronically. You can get your results straight to your smart phone. The labs used are the same labs used by your Doctor, but the difference is that you do not need an appointment to get tested. You can get tested the same day you place your order, and when you get the results back they are easy to understand so you can start making better health decisions based on what your risks are. This new methodology of getting lab tests can help you get the best information for your health.

You can share your results with your Doctor. You can utilize the system by asking your Doctor what tests you should get, place the order yourself, get tested that same day and get your results back faster.

They also have a service that will notify you if your results are abnormal. The moment the lab technician notes you have abnormal results you will receive a phone call notifying you. In emergency situations this service can be more effective than going to your Doctor, waiting for your Doctor to review your results and then waiting for them to notify you.

Using both an independent pharmacy and this new lab testing service can help you take control. This new lab testing service is not aiming to remove your doctor from the picture, it’s mission is to give you control of the most important part of your life- your body and your health. It can work alongside your health care provider and give you the peace of mind knowing that you are doing the best you can to stay healthy.

This new service has a name… it’s called “Personalabs

Take a peek and see what they can do to help you save some money and more importantly take control of your health.


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  1. Jessica says:

    Very informative post. More independent pharmacies offer patient services in challenging healthcare environment.

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